ECC Key West (ID:79909) Jetzt spielbar

    • ECC Key West (ID:79909) Jetzt spielbar

      ECC Key West wurde am 31.03.2020 fertiggestellt und ist nun öffentlich. Als Einsatzgebiet ist die Insel Key West, Dredgers Key und zur hälfte auch Flamming Key. Es stehen fünf reale Wachen und drei reale Krankenhäuser (eins in Miami für alles verfügbar/ beide ohne Fahrzeuge) und 11 Fahrzeuge zur Verfügung. Zusätzlich zwei nicht spielbare Funkstreifenwagen. Ich habe versucht die Leitstelle so real wie möglich zu gestalten, trotzdem werde ich die Leitstelle nach und nach anpassen um sie noch realer zu gestallten. Also freut euch auf Updates.


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    • Hi Sinwe2,

      Nice to see that more USA dispatches in LstSim.
      I'm owner of one of the two Monroe County FL. Dispatches. Key West is part of the Monroe County Sherrifs Office, so this post triggered me to react on it.

      On the website of Key West Fire Department:
      Since April 1st, 2015, The Key West Fire Department has provided complete Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for the city. The integration of the Fire Department and EMS means streamlined, more efficient services to the residents and visitors of Key West. Of the 88 members of the Key West Fire Department, 83 are EMTs and 22 are paramedics.
      Three new Horton ambulances are housed at each of the fire stations and are ready to roll at a moments notice.
      Their arrival was part of an historic transition in the 140 year history of the Department.
      Much of the nation has already integrated its fire and EMS. With the deployment of these new vehicles in April, the KWFD entered the ranks of efficient, effective cities nationwide.

      Some things aren't realistic.
      As far I can see, the fire department is dispatched by the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.
      It is in the Monroe FR dispatch (check here: A Key West only dispatch doesn't make sense.

      Care ambulance service doesn't serve the Key West area since 2015. Key West Fire Department took over with their 3 Rescue trucks (ambulances).
      3182 is the Key West ambulance graphic in lstSim (fahrzeuggrafik databank). The police department isn't an EMS provider and does not transport patients.
      American Ambulance (a private provider) is presence at Key West ( 24°33'53.78"N 81°46'14.61"W) you see them parked in street view.
      Probably for non-emergency and private transports contracts and repatriation, but no hard evidence to find (I don't have contacts over there).
      They are providing in Monroe (Check their website and you see a phone number), so two units parked in Key West (with no other private ambulances in the city) makes it very plausible.
      I did put them into LstSim so the non-emergency planned transports / inter-facilities / discharge can be handled over to American Ambulance. 911 EMS calls are for the Fire Department.
      When you have new resources about that, I'll be happy to know about that :)

      There are already 2 Monroe County LstSim simulators. So... If it is really a good addition? Better to update the existing ones time to time.
      But for people who want to play a 25000 citizen community, it can be a addition ;)

      Cheers! Keep Safe these days!