EOC Nashville Metropolitan Fire Department (NFD)

    • EOC Nashville Metropolitan Fire Department (NFD)

      Welcome to Nashville!

      This has been a pet project of mine for the last couple of years, and I have finally decided to make it public. Below is an overview of the department and what you will find inside your session:

      The Nashville Fire Department is one of the top 20 fire departments in the country due to the size of the population and number of emergencies. NFD is the primary provider of fire, rescue and emergency medical services for Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County. Davidson County covers a total area of 526 square miles that encompasses a range from high density urban to wildland interface sub-areas. The department responds to more than 100,000 emergency calls per year, with a large number requiring extra alarm responses and multiple resources in over 650 high rise buildings in its jurisdiction ... The modern Nashville Fire Department now has 39 fire stations, which house 40 engine companies (the trucks that carry water and fire pumps), 13 ladder companies to reach up to seven or eight stories of a building, 4 heavy rescue trucks and 33 ambulances. Total number of Firefighters, emergency medical technicians and paramedics along with support and administrative personnel is more than 1,500 proud members. Link to source text.

      According to the 2021 Run Survey, Nashville Fire Station 9 had the most calls in the nation.

      Nashville has multiple hospitals in the area, with two being Trauma 1 certified. (Vanderbilt & Tristar Skyline).

      I have recreated all fire houses with appropriate MED and ENG staffing. Additionally I have included Fast (FST) units, EMS District Units (EMS D),District Units (D), Safety Units (SAF), Vanderbilt Life Flight, and a few AIR units (AIR).

      Operational SOPs for Equipment

      • EMS D and D are supervisors and only respond to high mechanism calls, dangerous calls (weapons, violent, etc.). These units also respond to one off outlier issues (forced entry into home). These units are listed as an NEF in the game, to simulate a MED or ENG unit requesting a supervisor. Due to the game's limitations, you may have EMS D or D responding to routine medical calls. Unfortunately, this is something I can't change.
      • SAF Units are sort of like supervisors, but only ensure scene safety. Typically these units only respond to fires, entrapments, very high mechanism MVAs, or any rescue that could put NFD personnel at risk.
      • ENG units are your routine fire engine. IRL, these units have at least one EMT-I on staff, but again, due to game limitations, these are labeled as FR.
      • MED units are your routine ambulances. IRL, all NFD MED units are ALS. As previously mentioned, I did this to better simulate these units requesting a supervisor.
      • FST units are few and far between in Nashville. All FST units are located by Broadway (the largest tourist attraction & entertainment district in TN). Due to the tight and congested streets of Downtown, FST units usually only respond to calls within Downtown. IRL, FST units are typically saved for Broadway or near Broadway calls only.
      • AIR units are units that carry oxygen tanks for firefighters. This currently has no use in game, but I added them as an NEF just for fun.
      • The vast majority of calls are dispatched in a standard 1 ENG & 1 MED rollout. Only expectations: Very low medical priority calls, only 1 MED is required to respond; for citizen assist calls, only 1 ENG is required to respond.
      • EMS D & D are only dispatched for high mechanism calls, dangerous calls (weapons, violent, etc.), overdoses, or generally anything where a police response is required. If ever in doubt if they should respond; if PD is responding, so should a District. (Exception of minor traffic accidents)
      • NFD only does interfacility transfers for acute pts, from hospital to hospital. IRL, there are BLS 3rd party ambulances that do this.

      Operational SOPs for Talk Channels:
      • Nashville uses multiple channels to handle personele and calls.
        • B1 - Dispatch channel. This is for dispatch only, no units should be using this as a talk channel, except when asking the dispatcher a question.
        • B2 & B4 - Normal channel for most calls. These channels are for limited talking to & from dispatch or between units. Vast majority of calls will respond on one of these two channels.
        • B3 - Tac channel. For talking to admin or districts privately. (Discussing PT issues, or safety relating things)
        • B5-B15 - Talk channels for fires, large MVAs, Entrapments, etc. Essentially, if units are going to have to consistently use the radio to talk to each other, dispatch them on one of these channels.

      Notes (Please Read)
      • Like I said this has been a pet project for years. While I would deem this control center as very realistic, these are still issues with it.
        • I.e. call volume is still being tweaked. As of right now, it is realistic for real world use, but not for individuals playing. I'm trying to reduce the call volume to be realistic enough for one player.
      • Graphics for this center are not lore friendly, and have been borrowed from whatever graphics were avalible in game. All credit for these graphics go to the designers.
        • I'm hoping to make lore friendly graphics at some point within the next few months (life commitments dependant).
      • Accurate equipment and locations
      • Accurate code text, as used by the NFD
      • Currently there are only a few points of interest, but a lot of the big things have been added. (Airports, malls, some parks, a fairground, and a Zoo.
      • If you are from the Mid. TN Area and would like to contribute, let me know!!! I could really use help on adding POIs, and tweaking some settings for a more realistic experience.
      • Have fun!!

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