Mass Casualty Incident (MCI - MANV) on POIs Locations

    • Mass Casualty Incident (MCI - MANV) on POIs Locations

      Good morning everyone, in this period, in my control center ID 54954 I'm experiencing almost any specific MCI call coming from POIs locations as industries, pools, airports, etc...
      Instead I'm recieving unspecific MCI-MANV calls as MVC, explosions/fires in homes or commercial zones...
      I've many POIs...
      Probability is set to 0,1

      I even created a regional control center only for MCI-MANV calls, ID 61430, with every other call probability set to 0, and I'm experiencing the same problem. In
      Also here I've many POIs.
      Anyone could help me or explain me why?
    • Well, obvouisly there are simply no MCI calls on (all) POIs in the database. With eastablishing the possibility of sending in incidents written by users the team asked to stay with regular scenarios as EMS is not all over catastrophies. Having at least one huge call for some specific POIs might not be too bad after all. But this needs to be discussed by the community.
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