Alberta, Canada (Alberta Capital Region Health Authority) ID: 84089

    • Alberta, Canada (Alberta Capital Region Health Authority) ID: 84089


      Alberta Capital Region Health Authority is a fictional service based on the idea of the Alberta EMS service being regionally provided, taking over from the real life Alberta Health Services system. The ACRHA handles all EMS calls in the Capital region which is Edmonton and surrounding communities. The ACRHA is still in the process of taking over from Alberta Health Services, and as such many stations are still named from the previous operators, but many old AHS paramedic facilities have been closed.

      ACRHA operates an ever increasing fleet of ambulances and Paramedic Response Units.

      Ambulances: There are two types of ambulances, ALS and BLS. ALS is advanced life support, and BLS is Basic Life Support. BLS usually deals with low severity calls and transfers while ALS handles high severity and priority calls.

      PRU (Paramedic Response Unit): is a single staffed Advanced Care Paramedic, fast response vehicle that are tactically placed around the region to respond to calls faster and assist.

      Mutual Aid Agreements: ACRHA also has a mutual aid agreement with local Fire Departments, who can be dispatched by ACRHA dispatchers from their own system. This is mostly utilized in Edmonton as there are an abundance of Fire Stations.

      ACRHA Air Ambulance: ACRHA also utilizes three air ambulance helicopters, that are run by a third party operator and have to be contacted through external agencies

      Transfer Ambulances: A new program put in place to transfer patients from one hospital to another. They are all BLS ambulances and are not necessarily bound to a station, as such their descriptor is ACRHA-TX#. This program is still rolling out so the number of units available is limited

      Dispatch System:
      The dispatch system utilized a modified protocol system similar to Priority Dispatch Systems protocols. These are much more simplified as the severity is either and Alpha level (cold response, no lights and sirens, usually a BLS) and Delta response (hot response, lights and sirens, ALS, PRU, and/or a Mutual Aid responder)
      eg. An abdominal pain complaint can either be coded: 1-A Abdominal Pain or 1-D Abdominal pain.

      Expansion And Budget
      The system is always expanding as the budget allows. There is a financial side to providing EMS service to the capital region, and that limits the amount of ambulances owned and facilities built. The call rate also fluctuates and can increase or decrease as well, which can strain EMS services.

      *** Known bugs ***
      *I have tried to do my best to ensure there is every facility available, but every once in a while a patient ends up getting a destination in Germany. Im trying to mitigate this, but keep an eye on your transfers. We do not have ambulance hovercraft technology to get across the ocean yet.
      *Air ambulances wont transfer patients who only need KTW response, which is why I am utilizing transfer ambulances instead, mostly in the the Stony Plain/Spruce Grove area.

      Questions, comments, and suggestions are MUCH appreciated! Welcome to Alberta!

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      ACRHA has received approval to take over EMS operations in Fort Saskatchewan. A 3 bay EMS station for 2 ALS and 1 BLS ambulances has been constructed and a mutual aid agreement has been reached with the Fort Saskatchewan Fire Department. The zone of responsibility will be urban and the rural area surrounding Fort Saskatchewan. In addition, one BLS ambulance will be on duty and fully staffed at the DOW chemical plant between 7AM and 10PM. This will be a fast response unit and crews are expected to be en route within 15 seconds of dispatch.

      The call evaluation system has been updated to ask key questions to determine the best automated response. Instead of now using the determinants A through E, the system determines unit needs based on answers to your questions.

      Some notes:
      - Any answers left blank are considered "no"
      - PRU units must be attached manually

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