SAMU 34 (ID: 56418)

    • SAMU 34 (ID: 56418)


      Département de l'Hérault is located in Southern France. There was 1 144 892 resident in 2017.
      Major cities ar located near the coastline, while upper part of the department is mostly rural.
      The main city of the département is Montpellier with 285 121 habitant in the city and around 450 000 when counting people living in small towns around.


      The service that manage medical emergencies in Hérault is called SAMU - Service d'Aide Médicale Urgente (Emergency Medical Service). It is based in Vailhauquès, a town just north of Montpellier in a call center shared with Firefighters.
      In 1 day, they can manage 1802 calls (more than 75 per hour) and 266 non-urgent medical transport.
      This service is managed by a regulation doctor who decide which emergengy needs ambulance and wich do not.

      To accomplish those missions, SAMU request the use of ambulances to differents partners such as firefighters, private ambulance company and rescue association.


      Firefighters in France have they own Emergency response vehicle. They can dispatch ambulances to emergency calls but if there is an injured person, they must report to the SAMU.
      There is almost 70 firehouses located all around Hérault. Most of these have at least 1 ambulance.
      In term of medical response, firefighters can deploy :

      VSAV : Véhicule de Secours et d'Assistance aux Victimes (RTW)
      This vehicle is equipped with 3 firefighters. It deals with all regular emergencies and can transport patients if needed. They are not used for non urgent medical transport. This is the mission of private ambulances companies. They do it only if there is no private ambulance available.

      VLI : Véhicule Léger Infirmier (NEF)
      This vehicle is equipped with 1 firefighter and 1 emergency care nurse. They can manage medical emergencies with more heavy injured patient. They can also be dispatched prior to doctor to administer first medication before doctor comes on scene. In game, this vehicle is represented as a regular NEF.

      VLM : Véhicule Léger Médicalisé (NEF)
      There is 1 doctor and 1 firefighter in this vehicle. It deals with medical situation and heavily injured patient.


      Sometimes, there is patient that needs doctor before getting transported. Hospital also have they own medical doctor to send to the scene. They work with firefighters on scene and most of the time they have a more "complete" vehicle.

      VLM SMUR : Véhicule de Liaison Médicalisé (NEF)
      This vehicle is equipped with Doctor, Nurse and a ambulance driver. They have a lot of medical equipement if needed.

      AR SMUR : Ambulance de Réanimation (NAW)
      This véhicule is used to transport injured from hospital to hospital or sometimes to bring people from the scene of the emergency to the hospital. As they are fully equipped with a Doctor, nurse and ambulance driver equipage, they only do Intensive care transport.

      AR SMUR PEDIA : Ambulance de Réanimation Pédiatrique (B-NAW)
      This vehicule is used to transport prema child for one hospital to another.

      F-HBEK : Sinus (ITH)
      This helicopter is used for long distance emergency response or log distance hospital transport. It can't do "dangerous" rescue operation.

      This ambulance is used by the Montpellier's hospital to transport people from one of the Montpellier Hospital's site (Lapeyronie, Guy de Chauliac, St Eloi, Arnaud de Villeuneuve, Balmes) to another. They can't go to clinic or outside of Montpellier.


      In france, private ambulances usually does non-urgent medical transport. But now, private are beginning to do emergency transport. They are doing some shift in main cities of the departement.

      KTW :
      Those are private company that are not on shift for urgent medical responses.

      (AMU) :
      Private company that are ready for emergency call. Private company only uses 2 people in ambulances so they are more used for private place emergencies.

      [More to come (rescue association, helicopters, tutorial, hospital organisation...]

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      Several rescue association are located all around France. Two mains are Croix Rouge Française (french red cross) and Protection Civile. But they can also be smaller one grouped in the FFSS designation. The FFSS (Fédération Française de Sauvetage Secourisme) is the national federation of rescue association. Missions of thoses associations is to train civilians to first aid, to ensure first aid in major event, to help in case of severe disaster etc. They cannot be dispatched to medical call exept for exeptionnal event or if regular services are saturated. They are equipped with regular ambulances, nurse of doctor vehicle if needed.

      VPSP : Véhicule de Premiers Secours à Personne (RTW)
      Equipped with 3 to 4 peoples. The main goal of this vehicle is to treat patient in event or disaster. It can also be ued to transport patient to hospital if needed.

      VLI : Véhicule de Liaison Infirmier (NEF)
      Emergency Nurse, that can be dispatched if the patient to severely injured.

      VLM : Véhicule de Liaison Médical (NEF)
      Used to transport emergency doctor. Red cross has some doctors that can treat patient even when critically injured.


      As you saw in the previous section, SAMU has is very own helicopter for medical transport. But there is also hélicopters from SAMU around. In Hérault, there is 2 more helicopters that can be used if necessary.

      F-ZBPM : Dragon 34 (RTH)
      This helicopter's main mission is rescue. It can save people in the see, in mountains, and everywhere an helicopter is needed. But, it can also be used by the SAMU to transport people to hospital or even to bring patient from one hospital to another if there is no other way.

      F-MJDM (RTH)
      This is a French Gendarmerie's helicopter. It is used for every police operation that require an helicopter. If there is really no other way (no nearby SAMU's helicopter and no Dragon), it can also be used to do some patient's transport to hospital. This helicopter cannot do transport between hospital.


      Here is a small tutorial of how to take a call in this leistelle.
      Here is a view of a dispatch boxes with several numbers. We will go throught all of those.

      Number 1 : Here is the main reason of the call in French. If you are playing in english, you should not use this box and go to the next one. This text is a generic dispatch reason that appear in first in firefighter's pager.

      Number 2 : So, if you are playing in english, here is the first case that interest you. So you have to select of reason of the call. For exemple "sick person" and then, you'll see the first box being filled with the french equivalent. This can be considered as a "Einsatzstichwort" whatever that means :P.

      Number 3 : Don't touch this box, it will filled automaticaly when nb 4 is done. It shows wich firestation should respond to this adress. In france, due to firefighters doing shifts on station or at home, this is not always the closest firehouse that will respond to that the call. This box will help you select the good ambulance based on the official respond scheme.

      Number 4 : In order for nb3 to work, you'll have to write the name of the city in this box. When done, it will automatically fill nb3.

      Number 5 : This is a box to write the name of the caller or of the victim. This is a rôleplay only feature.

      Number 6 : Here you can write observations that will appear in the small windows of the call as you do in other dispatch center.

      Number 7 : If you wish to delay the call, here is the box when you can write hours.

      Number 8 : Due to the important amount of private medical services (there are ALL represented here), if you need an ambulance, you should really use those filter. Don't forget that vehicle marqued with AMU shall not be used for public places emergency. They can only do private places call as they are only two in the ambulance.

      Number 9 : Medical vehicles in game are not different whether there is a nurse or a doctor inside. Don't forget that SMUR will depart in 2 minutes and that firefighter's medic can take up to 8 minutes to depart depending on the size of the firestation.

      Number 10 : Yeah, that's a lot of private transport company. Should the closest, they is no rules here. Exept for transport between site of the Montpellier's hospital that should be done by the AMBU CHRU.

      Number 11 : but Amras, there is no number 11 on the picture... yeah, i know, but this is juste a line to remind you to use the "call nearby center" button if you need special vehicle such as helicopters. You have your own helicopter but sometimes, this is not enought so you'll have to call for another. For those, you'll have to ask the COZ.

      I really hope you'll enjoy your time on the SAMU 34 's dispatch center. Please tell me if you need anything, i'm always up to help anyone in need !
      Kisses !