Some ideas for the game

    • Some ideas for the game

      Hello, my name is Riccardo.
      This is the first time to me in Forum, and i don't know if there is an a similar post.
      I have two ideas for the game, it would be nice if in the game you could cancel the calls already entered in the lst system, I don't know if I explained myself...
      And it would be nice that when the call arrives, it is necessary to create the service by writing also the city and the street where the call arrives and the system does not automatically write it.
      i'm sorry if there is some orthography error but i don't speack english very well.
      Bye! :)
    • Hi Riccardo,

      first things first, there will be no changes in the near future, for the developer has sadly gone into a state of inactivity, but let me still answer to your suggestions.

      #1: Do you mean cancelling a dispatched unit, cause (for example) the caller stated again, he doesnt need help? You can do this by selecting the approchaing unit and the pressing "E", which cancels the approach, if its "correct" (the call has to be a false alarm for this to work). If you mean cancelling a call, that you already dispatched, and just dont want to anymore (where there is a patient on scene), thats not possible to my knowledge.
      #2 has already been discussed in the past, as in terms of asking questions to the caller (location, patient breathing, patient pinned, ...) and it has been declined.

      Hope I could help, if not feel free to specify or ask again ^^