EOC Trinidad North Ambulance Control - Trinidad & Tobago (ID: 78680)

    • EOC Trinidad North Ambulance Control - Trinidad & Tobago (ID: 78680)

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      --> This EOC is a work-in-progress at this time. I invite you to try out the EOC and leave your feedback in this thread. Thank you very much for your help and contributions. I hope you will enjoy this EOC. <--

      Link to EOC:

      EOC Trinidad North Ambulance Control (Northern half of Trinidad & Tobago)
      EOC Trinidad North Ambulance Control is a fictional ambulance dispatch based on actual ambulance service provision in the country of Trinidad & Tobago. Detailed information about the ambulance service provision in Trinidad & Tobago is hard to come by, and as a result many details have been adapted or improvised in order to optimize the gameplay experience.

      All organisations in this EOC exist and are actual ambulance service providers in Trinidad & Tobago. Organization websites, parliamentary notes as well as scientific reserach into the ambulance service in Trinidad & Tobago by The University of the West Indies have provided details about the approximate amount of ambulances, ratio of BLS to ALS units, peak times of operation, locations of primary ambulance bases/posts, etc. Much of the most reliable information stems from the period from 2015 to 2019. In other words: a lot of the information could be outdated when compared to real life.

      Trinidad is approximately 4800 km2 in size and has approximately 1.3 million inhabitants. TNAC covers slightly under half of this area in size, though well over half of the total population of Trinidad lives in this Northern part.

      Healthcare services are provided by both public and private organizations and institutions. Regional Health Authorities (RHA's) on the island run public hospitals and (district) health centres. Accident & emergency departments are plentiful in urban areas, whilst they are limited in remote areas. Travel distances and response times for ambulances in rural and remote areas tend to be long. The RHA's also have their own ambulances, however they only provide non-emergency medical transportation (KTW).
      Asside from the public healthcare provider Trinidad & Tobago has many private healthcare providers. These private hospitals do appear in the EOC, however patients requiring hospitalization will only ever be brought to the public hospitals and district health centres. Whilst unclear whether there is any cooperation between private ambulance service providers and the public ambulance service providers, some private ambulance service providers shall appear in the EOC as 'neighboring control centers' to call upon in times of (dire) need.

      About the ambulance service provision in Trinidad & Tobago:
      GMRTT (Global Medical Response Trinidad & Tobago) is the result of a joint venture between AMR (American Medical Reponse) and ASSL (Amalgamated Security Services Limited). AMR is (one of) the largest EMS service providers in North America with international operations managed worldwide by its subsidiary GMR (Global Medical Response Inc.). ASSL is the largest private safety and security service provider in Trinidad & Tobago. Under contract of the Ministry of Health of Trinidad and Tobago GMRTT had become the national Emergency Medical Services provider of Trinidad & Tobago. In reality GMRTT only provides EMS services on the island of Trinidad. By law they are required to have 74 ambulances, however of all sources I have never found them to possess over 48 ambulances since their start in 2005.

      Besides GMRTT the Trinidad & Tobago Fire Service has around 24 ambulances that provide 24/7 EMS services to the inhabitants of Trinidad & Tobago. Due to limited information on where these ambulances are stationed and the fact that there is a total of 23 fire stations in Trinidad & Tobago, each fire station within the EOC has one ambulance stationed there 24/7.

      Most non-emergency medical transport is provided by the RHA's of Trinidad & Tobago. The TNAC area is covered by the North Western Regional Health Authority, North Central Regional Health Authority and Eastern Regional Health Authority. The RHA's do not provide emergency medical transporation.

      Operational information:
      Ambulance services provision in Trinidad & Tobago is primarily based on the Anglo-American model of Care. This means Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics respond to most emergencies. Physicians are either not or an insignificant part of pre-hospital emergency medical service provision. They way I have reflected this in game, as inspired by other Anglo-American model of care dispatch systems on LtsSim.de, is by having EMT's taking the place of an RTW-reponse, and Paramedics that of an NEF/NAW response. Since paramedics only ever seem to be riding ambulances and in none of the sources fast response vehicles were ever mentioned, NEF units do not exist in TNAC.

      While Fire Service ambulance are stationed at fire stations until called upon, GMRTT works with a 'roving deployment' system. GMRTT has a total of 3 operational centres in Trinidad (of which 2 in the TNAC area). For gameplay sake I added one to the East of the Region to have a better 'base cover'. After starting a shift, ambulances are send out to cover areas away from these operational centres. I recommend employing this strategy ingame as well, as the closest emergency ambulance might be well over an hour away in some instances. To make up for the lack of ambulance units in some remote areas, I have decided to add police units as first responders to the area.

      To-Do list:
      This EOC is as of yet incomplete. Below is a list of actions that have yet to be done:
      - Add and fill neighboring control centers;
      - Add more POI's;
      - Get approval for vehicle graphics and implement them;
      - Receive feedback and improve gameplay experience;

      Vehicle graphics:
      Get a preview of the vehicle graphics in the following thread:

      Information sources:
      - Summary of public/governmental Hearings
      - Verbatism of public/governmental hearings
      - Dane McGibbon. Optimising the Emergency Medical Response Service in Trinidad & Tobago (2017-2018). Accessible via: researchgate.net/project/Optim…ervice-in-Trinidad-Tobago
      - Ministry of Health on health.gov.tt/
      - North West Regional Health Authority on nwrha.co.tt/
      - North Central Regional Health Authority on ncrha.co.tt/
      - Eastern Regional Health Authority on erha.co.tt/
      - Ministry of National Security, Trinidad & Taboga Fire Service on nationalsecurity.gov.tt/divisi…-tobago-fire-service-ttfs
      - ASSL Ambulance Services - Archangel Ambulance Service on ambulance.assl.com/index.php/a…rvices-in-trinidad-tobago
      - About GMRTT on caribbeanjobs.com/Global-Medic…f-Trinidad-Jobs-1664.aspx
      --> List to be completed

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