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      I know this may have already been asked, but I think it is one that would greatly improve the game experience.

      For special MANV vehicles (like hazmat or CBRN) and ambulance commanders (I think you call them LNA), it would be good for them to stay at a scene until the last patient is conveyed.

      In Britain, we have HART (a team of paramedics who have ballistic protection, hazmat capability and water rescue skills, who travel as one team in multiple vehicles) and many various levels of commander. These would take charge with radio contact to control, and managing resources on-scene, and would stay until the end. I am sure a similar system exists in many countries across Europe and beyond, even if it is operated by the fire brigade.

      In my opinion, this could be achieved in two ways:
      • A tick box in the editor, on a vehicle, a tick box that says 'stay until the end of MANV' and another that says 'radio contact for MANV'
      • A new vehicle category, based on FR or NEF, that is specifically for MANV response. This would have the same effect.
      Both would have the same effect. These units could do the first 'sighting' but no treatment of specific casualties (in order to manage), and would stay at the end. An unlimited number of these vehicles could stay at the incident without signing off.
      Despite no roles in LstSim for commanders yet, letting their vehicles stay on scene is a step halfway there.

      Another feature could be a tick box in the 'control centre settings', an option that says 'MANV vehicle stay until end of any incident, not just MANV' - for example,in dangerous incidents like gunshot, tactical ambulance commanders would stay and keep safety, even for just one patient.

      I don't know how easy this would be to implement, but it seems popular. Some script could be taken from the police, who treat none but stay until the end? Also, if it cannot be done yet, it would be a point to keep for another time when it could be done.

      Thanks :)

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    • This idea indeed is not totally new and is on the to-do list as it was in general approved both by team and users. Unfortunately our developer is not active at the moment. If any new features will be programmed in the future this might be one of the high priorities. But right now nobody can tell if or when this will happen.

      Until then lots of EOCs at LstSim have implemented command units as FRs so you can send them to calls and keep them on scene in status 1 ("available") until the last patient is transported. Though needs some fantasy - but which game doesn't, right? ;)