BLS ambulances "scoop and run" critical patients

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    • BLS ambulances "scoop and run" critical patients

      Because most volunteer ambulance squads/corps run Basic Life Support ambulances, it would be great to transport injured to a hospital instead waiting on ALS trucks.
      When a BLS ambulance (KTW) is on scene with a critical patient, it would be great to have an option to send the ambulance with the patient ASAP to the ER.
      Or when a medic flycar arrives at scene with the BLS ambulance, this combination can treat the critical ill/injured.

      Is it possible to make a button, where we can give the BLS ambulance an order to drive with a criticial patient ASAP to the nearest ER?
    • One more time, like other threads here: the basic Data for this Simulation is the German EMS-Center Ludwigsburg.

      So the systems in Germany and the US are to different. To simulate like US-Standards they must create a complitly new program. This is not possible for a game that is operated by a single programmer on a voluntary basis.

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    • I should think that a KTW in Germany should have been the ability to scoop and run also when there is no NAW or RTW available and a patient is dying?
      This doesn't seem specifically USA to me?
      I really don't have any idea how programming works, so I'm sorry for the question.

      In the game I found out that when the crew asked for a helicopter, I could select that this one is not available, so they started transporting by ambulance.
      I hoped the same was possible with KTW when requesting a RTW/NAW. But it is okay.
      I turn a couple KTW into RTW and it is solved also.
    • Bass D. wrote:

      I hoped the same was possible with KTW when requesting a RTW/NAW. But it is okay.
      It is possible with the RTW, when asked a RTW plus NEF.

      The rest isn't programmed yet. And I can't say, when /if this will happen some day.
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    • Well, there's a difference between KTW and RTW - as you know. If a patient is not stable enough to be transported a more qualified unit is needed. A RTW might take a serious case to hospital without NEF because it brings the special equipment and staff the KTW hasn't. So to transport by BLS you at least need a NEF on scene to assist.

      Labeling your BLS as RTW should be the easiest way as the BLS is kinda classified between KTW and RTW. In Germany this hybrid is called NKTW ("N" means "Notfall") but due to not being that common this type of ambo is not available for the game.