More stations possible?

    • More stations possible?

      Can it be made possible to have more than 150 stations in one communications center?
      In the USA there are a lot of fire stations (almost every small town has one, and most of the bigger towns and cities have up to 12 stations).
      We are now struggling to get fire departments and EMS services in one district in the game.
      With all first responders from the fire stations, ALS flycar services and volunteer ambulance companies the amount of stations is around 170 in Westchester County.

      Why is it limited at 150 and not 200 for example?
    • Always remember, the game was built to simulate the EMS in a German county - ID 1 with 26 stations at the moment. As you probably know the system over here is different to the US. In Germany only a handful of FDs have first responding units so an amount of 200 stations for each RCC is simply not needed. Your question has been asked before and instead of reprogramming the game (probably causing general issues) the optional advise is to create a second (private) RCC for the extra stations and to use it as a neighboring center. A lot of users also do this for disaster management units as well (either for reasons of limitation or to make the main center more structured), you can even find several US centers which are build like this due to reaching the maximum (NYC, LA, ...).