Bass D's USA Ambulance & Fire Rescue trucks

    • The last one for Los Angeles County will be this 2018 KME Pumper. Have to Inkscape all LA graphics after this one.
      Finished it on Januari 4th 2020. I took me more than two weeks on and off drawing. Very hard to het all details right, but I'm very satisfied with the result.

      This is a KME Severe Service Pumper, wheelbase 175" for the short turns, for the Los Angeles County Fire Department (LA.Co.F.D.)

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    • Finishing some graphics for FDNY EMS Division 1, Manhattan.
      Both ambulances belong to a volunteer ambulance service.

      A 2014 Chevrolet G3500 - Horton 453 Type III ambulance for the Columbia University Emergency Medical Service (CUEMS) also known as Columbia Area Volunteer Ambulance.
      Serving the Columbia University campus and surrounding streets, not part of participating member of FDNY 911 ambulances.
      CUEMS handles approximately1100 calls per year.

      A 2015 Ford E350 - Horton 453 Type III Ambulance from the Central Park Medical Unit (volunteer ambulance), serving Central Park and surrounding area. CPMU is participating member from the FDNY EMS 911 ambulances. CPMU is not a 24/7 service and serving mostly in weekends and special events. Other FDNY 911 ambulances respond to emergencies in the Central Park area when CPMU is not stand-by. With 42 million visitors each year, Central Park is a busy place. CPMU transports 1200 patients a year to Central Parks surrounding hospitals and treats and releases another 2000 patients at scene.
    • Two other units for the Westchester County dispatch "60 Control".

      The newest ambulance of the Bedford Fire Department, a 2017 Ford F550, built and delivered by Horton in 2018.

      And the Dobbs Ferry Volunteer Ambulance, a 2006 Ford F-450 with Lifeline patient module

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    • Chappaqua Volunteer Ambulance, Westchester County, New York

      A 2018 Ford E450 with LifeLine Superliner 167 inch patient module.

      *Edit feb 2nd*

      Added all Westchester County units into lstsim. Including this car:
      A 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe Paramedic Flycar, Greenburgh Police.
      Serving Tarrytown, Ardsley, Irvington, Hastings, Elmsford and Dobbs Ferry with ALS level care.

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    • Wow, you are so hard working! Very nive graphics. I'm looking to forward to use them in the adequate dispatch centers. Okay, this seems to be a wake-up call ("Finish the callcenters, finish them...") I understand ^^
      Benutzt das Wiki: WIKI LstSim Es sollte DAS Nachschlagewerk zur Sim werden!!!

      Leitstelle Olpe [260]
      Leitstelle Sauerland [495]
      Leitstelle Mark [1260]
      FDNY*EMS [7095]
      LA County Fire Department [17036]
      Leitstelle Siegen-Wittgenstein [1068]

    • Well... The COVID-19 doesn't give me more time to draw, so I spend valuable minutes on my next trucks.
      Finishing my own Westchester County ambulances right now.

      A 2015 Chevrolet G4500 chassis with a Horton 553 module. Briarcliff Manor Fire Department, Westchester County, New York.

      And a Ford F350 with AEV Traumahawk patient module, Flushing Hospital, Queens, New York.

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    • How great to have a Employee of a NY hospital asking for the North Shore University Hospital Graphics.
      Created three already and another Ford F350 AEV is on the way!

      A 2017 Chevrolet G-Serie built by Wheeled Coach

      A 2015 Chevrolet G-Serie built by Wheeled Coach

      A 2017 Ford F350 built by American Emergency Vehicles (AEV)
    • And the last one for the Northwell Health System. A North Shore University Hospital Ambulance.
      A Ford F350 Supercab, built by AEV. This ambulance responds to calls within the FDNY EMS 911 system.

      Also an ambulance for a New York Hospital, Interfaith Medical Center
      A 2017 Ford Transit built by AEV:

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