450000 ambulance transports a year over nearly 2.500.000 citizens.
      220000 9-1-1 calls are handled by Miami Dade Communications Center.

      Don't wanna sit and wait? This is the real deal!

      Fire rescue-trucks (Transport and First responders) will be dispatched from 68 Fire-stations.
      There are 46 Hospitals and medical facilities. Also some privat clinics and urgent cares are added

      How it works:
      911 Calls come in at the Communications Center (Bureau) of the Miami Dade Police Department.
      It is one of seven public safety answering points in Miami Dade.
      The Communications Bureau is the busiest Public Safety Answering Point (9-1-1 Center) in the southeastern United States. The Center comprises over 200 budgeted positions consisting of Police Complaint Officers (Call Takers), Police Dispatchers, Police Records Specialists, Police supervisory personnel and an administrative support staff.
      The Miami-Dade Communications Center processes 9-1-1 calls in the unincorporated area of Miami-Dade County and 29 municipalities. An annual average of over two million calls for service are handled, over 60% of which are 9-1-1 calls. Additionally, there are six municipal Public Safety Answering Points in Miami-Dade County.

      Miami Dade Fire Rescue is the largest fire department in Florida. The department has 68 stations in service.
      Miami Dade Fire Rescue transports 98000 patients a year out of 165000 emergency calls, with 50 ALS Rescue trucks and 2 Rescue helicopters.
      A average day counts 8 calls for each station and 80 to 90% are EMS calls.
      You can watch all live incoming calls HERE
      What all codes mean can be find HERE

      Key Biscane Fire Rescue serves 12000 citizens and receives an average of 2500 calls a year. KBFR has 1 station and drives 2 rescue trucks.
      Key Biscayne doesn't have its own dispatch center.

      Privat Ambulance companies
      There are four ambulance services in the county.
      Miami Dade Ambulance Service (TA), AMR, NHT and American Ambulance (Falck).
      In the gameplay these units can be used for a lot of the interfacility and non-emergency transports.

      Interfacility and 911 backup
      Miami Dade Ambulance transports almost 45000 patients a year with 44 ambulances (38 licenses, 26BLS and 12 ALS). It also provides 911 back-up service to fire and police department.
      Transportation America (Wheelchair and stretcher transports) are serving miami dade from the Miami Dade ambulance locationds with wheelchair and stretcher transports.
      Miami Dade Ambulance is the ambulance division of Transportation America.

      AMR/Medics transports 90000 patients a year. It's one of two ambulance companies licensed to provide ambulance services to the residents of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.
      AMR bought out Medics. Both names are still on the ambulances.

      Interfacility Transports
      American Ambulance, nowadays part of Falck (Denmark) provides BLS, ALS and ventilator transports in the Miami Dade county. It doesn't respond on 911 calls.
      The numbers about the transports are not available. AMC is also a daughter company of Falck and serves stretcher/wheelchair transports form the same location.

      National Health Transport (NHT) is another privat ambulance company. NHT bought out Florida Medivan transports (20 units) in 2011.
      NHT provides medical transports (wheelchair, private and interfacility) and added 19 BLS and 6 ALS units to their fleet.
      Numbers about the amount transports are not available.

      Neighboor Fire Rescue Services in the Miami Dade County
      Hialeah Fire Rescue serves over 250000 residents and received 41000 incident calls. 90% EMS calls. HFR has 8 stations and drives with 8 ALS-rescue trucks and 2 BLS-rescue trucks.
      City of Miami Fire Rescue serves approx 410000 residents, receives about 85000 calls. 70000 are EMS calls. CMFR has 14 stations and drives 14 ALS-trucks and 10 BLS-trucks.
      Miami Beach Fire Rescue serves 87000 citizens and receives 20000 calls a year, 85% are medical. MBFR has 4 stations and 6 rescue trucks.
      Coral Gables Fire Rescue serves 43000 residents, receives About 5500 calls a year. About 3850 EMS Calls and 1650 non-EMS (70-30%). CGFR has 3 stations and 3 rescue trucks.
      These fire departments are dispatched by its own 911 communication centers. They can be called for backup in the game.
      They have own ambulance-graphics in the game, what makes it very realistic.

      Neighboor Counties
      Broward County and Monroe county are the North and South Neighboor of Miami Dade County.
      For Miami Dade rescue operations the Miramar and Hallandale Beach Fire Rescue Services can be called up for backup also.

      In the game all non-emergency calls / interfacility transports can be run by the privat ambulance services.
      These calls are set on zero. But if they occur, use the AMR, NHT or American Ambulance services...

      911 Calls can be run by the Miami Dade Fire and Rescue, but also back upped by Miami Dade Ambulance Service or AMR.

      Advanced Life Support responders are coded as NEF (some aerials, engines and EMS captains)
      Basic Life Support responders are coded as FR (most Engines)
      BLS ambulances are coded as KTW
      ALS ambulances are coded as NAW
      There are a few trucks coded RTW (some privat critical care ambulances).

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    • Well, after two years of doïng nothing with this 911 Center, I started drawing ambulances for this great game.
      Miami Dade will be the largest and most complete dispatch in this game located in the USA gameplay.

      Miami Dade Fire Rescue Units

      Privat Ambulance Services
      Neighboor City Ambulances and Rescue units

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    • And for the neighboor dispatch "EOC Broward County Regional Communications Division" the Hallandale Beach Fire Rescue ambulance is added.
      A Freightliner Horton 623 Ambulance, delivered in december 2012.

      And the first BSO Fire Rescue truck is ready.
      Chassis: International 4300 with a TaylorMade Medical Fire Rescue Patient Module. Manufactured in 2004.
      Typical are the square flashlights mounted on the patient module.
      These ambulances are still running, most are replaced already or on Reserve in the stations.

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    • The Miami Dade gameplay will be updated:
      The hospitals are updated (there have been some changes over the years in lstsim)
      The EMD codes will be made more realistic, with help from Antonio Tucker (GCEMSPARAMEDIC)
      Thanks you in advance!

      On the Northside of Miami Dade there is work in progress with the Broward County Fire Rescue.
      Multiple graphics have been added and the hospitals will be updated for realistic gameplay.
    • Bass D. wrote:

      Airport Terminal Cart 1 is dispatched a lot on the airport of Miami.
      Because in gameplay will be dispatched outside the airport area, it is not added into the game.
      You can actually create it in the game as FR or NEF, which ever then turn off the AAO (Unit Recommend) so it can only be manually selected for Airport Calls. I'm assuming it's part of the Fire Department at the Airport. I actually had to do this for 3 Fire Department vehicles that are in our response plan, but only respond to calls in their fire district so I turn off the AAO so that they wouldn't be selected for calls outside their area by accident.
      Antonio Tucker EMT-P (GCEMSPARAMEDIC)!/ACABouchillon