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  • Work in progress: A 2015 KME Predator Severe Service Pumper for the City of Los Angeles Fire Department…3404b894aaa4e38a6cb50b9f5…3404b894aaa4e38a6cb50b9f5 Started with setting all dimensions and baselines.…3404b894aaa4e38a6cb50b9f5 It is going well with the cabin and the body. Also the tires are ready.

  • Well... After 3½ months creating nothing, it is time to make new graphics. I'll start with the second biggest city in the United States of America, and I hope I make some people happy: Los Angeles Fire Department !!! Both are 2017 Dodge 4500 built by Braun NorthWest with a North Star type I Module. The Lime colored rescue 51, seen in this video. and has unit# 12012. Most pictures and movies circulating on the internet are from his older brother, a 2014 RAM4500 (un…


    Bass D. - - Ausland


    Well... I think I need to make an upgrade...…3404b894aaa4e38a6cb50b9f5 2018 International - Wheeled Coach…3404b894aaa4e38a6cb50b9f5 2018 International - Braun remount

  • Quote from MartinHorn: “Ich bin in Englisch nicht so bewandert daher auf Deutsch: Chr2 hatte bei mir auch mal eine von 3 zugelassen und zwei ausgelassen. Verständlich dass das mal passieren kann. Ich denke @Bass D. das er das nachholen wird und bald ins Spiel bringt. Es ist halt meist nicht so einfach Hobby und Beruf/Studium etc. unter einen Hut zu bekommen und für beides Zeit zu haben. And now with Google Translater: Chr2 had with me also one of 3 admitted and two omitted. Understandably that c…

  • Quote from F. Köhler: “When @Chr2 needs his time in real life, he cannot accept the graphics. And sometimes the decision takes a little longer. Die weitest zurückliegende offene Grafik ist von Ende August, eine Ausnahme im Juli (die aber wohl schon mehrfach hin und her ging). Verstehe nicht ganz, was es daran auszusetzen gibt. ” Erstelldatum:* 28.06.2019 06:12 Änderungsdatum:* 25.07.2019 16:08 Einsendedatum:* 25.07.2019 16:08

  • Why does it take so long before my graphic gets accepted? I'd like to start drawing graphics, but it is not very motivating to wait for months...

  • This can be interesting for ya! Locations of the NYP ambulances Locations FDNY ambulances Manhattan:…MS12-Response-times-c.pdf I did visit your Wiki. Some of the hospitals have been merged. New York Downtown Hospital = New York Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital (since 2013) Beth Israel - Petrie Hospital = Mount Sinai Beth Israel - Petrie (since 2013) Lenox Hill Hospital, member of Northwell Health NY …

  • Still working on the graphics. An overview of all Westchester County Graphics in the scheme below.…3404b894aaa4e38a6cb50b9f5 To do list vs READY 25 vs 29 30A New Rochelle Empress *READY* 31A White Plains Empress *READY* 32A/B Mt. Vernon Empress (Career) *READY* 32M Mt. Vernon Empress (Career) *READY* 33A Yonkers Empress *READY* 34M Yorktown Empress (Career) Medic *READY* 35M Cortlandt CRP (Career) Medic *READY* 36M Ossining/Croton/Briarcliff Tri-community (Career) …

  • And back to Westchester County NY. This is a Ford E-450 with Braun Chief XL patient module for the Peekskill Community Volunteer Ambulance Corps.…3404b894aaa4e38a6cb50b9f5

  • I created a lot new ambulances for New York City, so your dispatches can be updated! I've made an overview for ya! Tell me what ambulances you need for NY, I'll create them!…3404b894aaa4e38a6cb50b9f5

  • Another hospital based ambulance graphic. Part of the Northwell Health group; Lenox Health, Greenwich Village. A 2017 Ford F350 Type I ambulance, built by American Emergency Verhicles (AEV), a 148" Traumahawk module.…3404b894aaa4e38a6cb50b9f5

  • And another hospital based Ambulance Service running the New York 911 System: Jamaica Hospital at Queens New York. This is a 2015 type I ambulance, a Ford F350 with AEV Traumahawk 148" patiënt module.…3404b894aaa4e38a6cb50b9f5

  • And the next one: 2016 Ford E-350 - Medix Metro Express RP-90ES Type III ambulance, SBH Health (operated by Seniorcare)…3404b894aaa4e38a6cb50b9f5 Seen in this video I found:

  • And we continue with the New York Ambulances. This is a Hospital based ambulance service, NYU Langone Hospitals. Member of the FDNY EMS 911 Ambulance system. A 2016 Ford E350 with a Braun Module, Signature Series model.…3404b894aaa4e38a6cb50b9f5 Seen in this movie:

  • I'm visiting some towns in Westchester County NY next week, so I'm offline. After that: More units to come! Coming up.... (these photo's will be replaced with the PNG files when the drawings are ready). Blanco mercedes from @Chr2 2012 Mercedes Sprinter - Demers, Lenox Hill Hospital, New York - Northwell Health Group…3404b894aaa4e38a6cb50b9f5 2017 Ford E-450 - Wheeled Coach, Northwell Health University Hospital, New York.…3404b894aaa4e…

  • This truck took a couple of days with on and off drawing. For the New York City dispatches in lstsim, this truck is absolutely perfect. A 2019 Chevrolet 3500 chassis with a Frazer Bilt, 12Ft. Type I patient module, Mount Sinai New York.…3404b894aaa4e38a6cb50b9f5

  • For the Ossining Volunteer Ambulance Corps, a 2016 Ford F350 with a PL Custom Classic module. (Ossining, Westchester County, New York)…3404b894aaa4e38a6cb50b9f5 Greenburgh Police EMS, a 2017 Chevrolet G4500 with a 2014 Remounted Braun Express module. (Town of Greenburgh, Westchester County, New York) One of the few police agencies providing EMS.…3404b894aaa4e38a6cb50b9f5

  • A 2016 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor (Slicktop) for the Yorktown Police Department.…3404b894aaa4e38a6cb50b9f5

  • I'm still working on the New York (Bronx/Manhattan) and Westchester County emergency services. One of the BLS first responders is the New Castle Police Department. This is a 2013 Ford Taurus Police Interceptor. With a new graphic of the Ford Taurus, more graphics of police cars will be drawn.…3404b894aaa4e38a6cb50b9f5 This is the newest graphic from the 2013 Ford Taurus. So feel free to use this for your own graphics (please give some credits )…

  • Quote from Bensmall1: “Can you complete the rest of the Miami Dade fire rescue vehicle like the heavy rescue and hazmat please? That would be great! Can you also do some Miami City ones please? ” There is a Miami City ambulance. Or do you want fire engines only added to Miami Dade and Miami City?